My exams are officially over. Yay to no more exams but if we are talking about University then i guess its not officially over. I’m not officially a graduate but hopefully I’ll pass all of the exams and graduate in May!

2017 is all about travelling. I mean cmon for like the past few years i have atleast travelled out of Singapore atleast once. But this year i have 3 travel plans.

WHAT?! 3??

It sounds crazy to me and as much as it sounds crazy to me, I really am crazy. I mean i could have saved all the money but no. I decided to spend.

It’s good to to be spending on travelling because first, you are relaxing and enjoying and secondly it’s a goddamn therapy!! Like how you would say a retail therapy it’s the same as for travelling. Atleast to me.

It brings so much fun to be honest to be travelling with my fam. From exploring, to shopping, to eating to moving around. It’s so fun and i think i would never give up travelling with my fam to anyone else!

I have 3 travel plans for this year. Super excited for all 3. Please tell me i am not dreaming about this.



I’m travelling to Australia in March which is crazy! I have always wanted to go to western countries only because we have been only travelling around Asia. I dont even want to think about the 8 hours flight travelling because for 6 hours of travelling is already death to me. What else more for 8 hours?



Ok, I have been to India in 2014. I love the roadtrip, food and shopping! But not the over-baggage issues after shopping. June is famous for the super terrible hot sun so goodluck to me. It’s going to make me all cranky. Also this time round we are going for a wedding so i’m very excited about it!



Finally after so many years, my parents approved me to travel with my best friend. We have been dying to travel together for so long but i have overprotective parents who wouldn’t let me to travel with anyone else. Finally they have allowed us and i’m so excited to go travelling with my best friend. Though its the end of the year, i’m still excited!

Till the very next post,

Drink latte, Laugh & Sparkle!




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