With Eyes Closed | From The Heart

Some things can only be seen with our eyes closed.

An endless road with the slow transition from day to night and back to to the day again. Your right or left hand out of the moving vehicle with the wind blowing your hair all over your face.

The earth with no high-rise buildings and just beautiful tall trees, that’s just so greenery and and the sound of the swashing trees. The smell of the soil after a heavy rain.

A world without poverty. Where kids get to eat healthy food without starvation with proper sanitation and clean water. Where there is no racial riots and everyone is being accepted for who they are.

A place where the animals are not caged. Where they roam around without being controlled or abused.

I certainly live in a bubble or a world of my own where unicorns do exist. Not like i don’t appreciate how the world is right now, but if i could turn things back to how it was originally, i definitely would.

Till the very next post,

Drink latte, Laugh & Sparkle!



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