Australia Travel Diary

This shall be my first blog post of the Australia Travel Diary. I think i should keep this blog post short and brief. The next following posts shall be based on the days i spent at Australia. Lets START.

Back in singapore after a really long trip in Aussie. 8 hours of flying was a killer to me. Every second while sitting on the flight, i was secretly hoping i would land in seconds. But nope, it wasn’t landing and i just kept on hoping. Also, this was my longest flying hours ever.

As soon as we landed in Brisbane, i was so happy that finally one of my list is ticked off in my bucket list. Travelling to aussie was on my bucket list for so long. Finally being here made me so happy.

The ride from Brisbane to Gold Coast was about an hr or so. My fam slept through the ride including me. Blaming on the jetlagg. When we reached our hotel, we were taken aback with the fact that it didn’t come with any Wifi. You had to pay for the Wifi if you wanted it.

Also side note here, everything in Aussie has a price. Nothing comes free. NOTHING.

We checked into our rooms and we loved it. It was spacious, had a bath tub, a balcony, a kitchen to cook and the bed was literally huge. Loved it. Breakfast was great but having that same thing for a week, not really great. My last few days of breakfast was just me sipping on latte only.

It was around 3-4PM in Aussie and we decided to do some food hunt for lunch. We have always wanted to try Nandos here in singapore but no idea why we have yet to drop by. They had Nandos there and we went to try them. As for Nandos, you can choose how hot/spicy you want the meat to be but hell no it wasn’t spicy at all! I guess it was suppose to suit the locals there. We were pretty upset. I need to try the Nandos here in Singapore to compare the spicy level thou.

The food in Aussie is really expensive. Crazy expensive! Also they had mainly burgers and fries which we got so sick and tired off. We craved for Asian food so badly after 2 days. We headed to try the indian restaurants and chinese restaurants nearby and satisfied our cravings. Nothing is more satisfying than coming back to singapore and mom cooks up delicious spicy food. After all, I’m an asian and specifically indian who loves spice.

I guess the next few days in my blog posts would be the daily stories of what happened in Aussie for our trip. So excited.

Its funny how i started off the blog post saying it would be short but i guess not anymore.

Peace out

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