This is the 2nd post to the Aussie travel diary series. Yay to that. I’m late in the game by 2 days. LOL. The weekends was just me packing and unpacking the stuff i bought at Aussie. So there’s that. Ok let’s start.

Dreamworld. It had its accidents and the not so good reputation now. BUT how can you go to Goldcoast and not go to Dreamworld. You have to. So i did. We reached even before it opened. Good thing cause that means we have so much time to spend.

All the crazy rides were making us go literally crazy. YES CRAZY. We were so excited to ride on them but at the same time a little nervous. We went a little too hard on ourselves and played too much rides. This ride where it turns clockwise and anticlockwise constantly makes me dizzy – anytime, anywhere. And the next ride was the same clockwise and anticlockwise with much heights this time, that led me to not only feel dizzy but throw up. I could not even walk and had to have someone to bring me to the toilet. Threw up and everything came out and felt way much better. BUT, i needed to do it again (throw up, i mean) and walked to the toilet. That felt so much better.

I watched my fam eating their lunch and thought to myself i need to eat it too but nah, atleast not now. After that, my parents strictly didn’t let me get on any rides. So we basically walked around explored Dreamworld. We took pictures with the koala. They are so cute and nice to hug. I was so shocked by the weight when i carried them. They actually cling into you so well like as thou you’re a tree.

Ok honestly nothing is free at Aussie (Part 2). Like you can’t even touch the koala unless you paid to hug them for a photo.

I loved the Tower of Terror II ride. The ride looked cool and definitely scary. It pulls you backwards all the way up to a tower and leave you hanging for a few seconds before it drops you and pull you back to where you were at first. Phew, even while typing this make me excited to go on it again. I LOVE this ride so freaking much. I wanted to go on Buzzsaw and wipeout which was totally so cool but too bad i was too sick to go on it.

I loved the freaking huge pizza from DOUGH BROS. PIZZERIA. It was too delicious and totally being crazy over the size of the pizza mainly because it’s hard to find one in Singapore. Probably?

I was definitely upset that I wasn’t able to try the Fairy Candy Floss. So in the beginning i was sick and decided to get afterwards when I’m leaving Dreamworld but they had no more of it. I felt so sad. Ugh.

We came back to the hotel and roll in our beds for a bit before heading for Dinner at a Indian Restaurant where we ordered so much of food and didn’t finish. Of course, my mom was raging.

Walked by a store and shopped till we dropped. I looked through all of their racks and picked up literally so much of clothes. It’s a huge sale but i have no idea why there isn’t any crowd. Good for us thou. I walked up to my mom to eliminate the clothes that won’t look good on me while my dad picked up a bag for me and paid all of my sis’s and my clothes. Happy child.

That’s the end of my Day 2 of Australia Travel Diary.

Dreamworld, i would be back. Not now. Not Sooner. But someday.


Peace out

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