Looney Toons. Superheroes. OMG. Movie World is a beauty. Is just another Disneyland to me.

Finally being here was like a forever dream come true. Anything Superhero, Disney, Looney Toons are my weakness. I have a huge love for that.

We reached before the themepark opened and spent some time taking pictures. Everyone who was early are pretty much Australians. I know it because we got those stares where it went, “So Touristy” Everyone was applying sunscreen on their bodies and also to their tiny little humans. As soon as the theme themepark opened, my jaws dropped while walking in. I don’t even know why. Don’t ask.

Theme park rides were not fully opened but there were people already queueing for it. In Singaporean terms, that would be addressed as – Kia su (Is it a one word or two?). Of course, I’m not that crazy to go queue for that so early, so i brought my fam in and walked around. There was a Roadrunner 4D Show airing in a bit, so we went to watch that instead. I still preferred the Shrek 4D show in Universal Studios Singapore.

After that, we walked over to queue for the stunt driver show. Pretty sure my fam was not too keen on it but i just dragged them to watch with me. Ok pause. I went to purchase the movie world “cup” (idk what is it actually called) which was totally worth it. I mean C’mon eat my 15 AUD bucks but the fact that i can refill my soft drinks any time of the day was great deal to me. I was literally shocked. Went to watch the Stunt Driver and i loved it. I still don’t know how my fam thought about it, but i liked it!

So they had the Looney Toons characters to take pictures with but you have to pay 20 AUD bucks. Like seriously i wasn’t expecting that at all. AT ALL. You could only pose for one picture and get it in 6 different sizes. Not a good offer at all. But of course i can’t leave Movie World without a picture of Looney Toons. Ended up paying for it later in the day.

My dad reminded me to go on rides before lunch and not to go wild again. So i told myself strictly 2 rides with no clockwise and anti-clockwise rides. Only because i still felt sick from Dreamworld.

Superman ride. It’s called Escape thou. OK the ride was really high and steep but i thought it would be ok. BUT NO. It was INSANE. I almost thought i would die. So basically to breakdown the ride, you can feel the G force in 2 seconds where it goes 0-100KM/H. INSANE. Told ya, insane. So when we got on the rides, it started moving around in the darkness till i heard those words – Let’s go fast, SUPERMAN FAST. I still cannot forget those words only because i didn’t know what happened till i reached the end of the ride. It literally pulled me out to the bright and up and down the ride, blah blah blah.

I wanted to go on the Green Lantern or the Asylum ride but i told myself to stop in case i throw up again. 😦 I was definitely sad. But that’s ok. Batman ride wasn’t function so that’s a sad thing. Wanted to go on the Scooby-Doo ride, but my family kind of distracted me and i totally forgot about it. It’s a cool indoor ride.

We had lunch and honestly my mom and dad was so over and done with it Aussie food. Burgers and fries is literally all you can get at Gold Coast. i kinda loved the burger thou i had at Movie World. Bacon, chicken, cheese and what’s there not to enjoy in a burger? I literally dislike fat chips. Omg. Every time i ate those fat chips, i was getting more and more worried. Worried that i might not actually eat anymore of McDonalds fries. (I’m really happy now because while editing this draft, I’m eating my Mac Fries)

After that i was dying to go and play those carnival games. I was literally reminding my parents every 5 mins that we have to go to the carnival right after our lunch. Told my dad and my bro to win and get me the (super cute) Bugs Bunny for me. My whole family was playing and the rings were ONLY getting lesser and lesser. It didn’t actually went into the bottle, so i was literally getting deeper and deeper into disappointment. Just with very little rings left, my dad hit the bottle. YES. I was literally shocked and started jumping in joy. My sis wanted another one so my dad played another game and won her the Tweety Bird. I love carnival games.

After that, walked around Movie World and took crazy amount of pictures. After that my dad got really tired and needed to get some rest. So while he and my mom were resting, my siblings and i queue for the mascots to take pictures with. The most funniest part was when my bro went to take the picture with the superman but my bro was actually wearing a batman T-shirt. Now we have the real Superman Vs Batman. When it was my turn, Superman looked into my eyes, only to tell me, ” your brother is a traitor!” LOL.

The joker was so hilarious! I loved him! He was so entertaining and made fun of everyone. He was all angsty but so cute. Super cute.

We stayed till the parade was over before we left.

The day ended with us going back to the hotel, resting a while. Just when i couldn’t remember what we had for dinner, i remembered instantly because we were craving for asian food so badly. Noodle Box. That’s the place we went to get our dinner. The serving was huge and tasty. We told him that we wanted it extra spicy and it really way.

That’s the end of Day 3 at Movie World. I loved this place. I would be back, definitely. To play all the rides that i did not get to play.


Peace out


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