This is the next post on the Australia Travel Edition. Basically everything is about shopping and a  360 degree view.

It’s Day 4 at GoldCoast. Waking up as early as 5AM but rolling in bed till 630AM. The sun rises at about 545 to 6 AM in the morning and its so beautiful to wake up to in the morning. I still miss waking up like that in Aussie.

Going to breakfast and still getting the same thing as the past few days at the buffet spread was upsetting me a lot. Sipping on hot latte is what i did the next following days. We make our way to the Sky Observation Deck which was nearby our hotel. About 3-5 mins walk or lesser.

If i correctly remembered, it would actually took less than a minute to the 77th storey for a magnificent view. I mean a 360 degree view was a little too much for me to absorb. For the first few seconds, my family members were scattered. Firstly, they were too excited and secondly for some pictures. We stayed there for 30 minutes and spend the next 30 minutes walking to Starbucks which is about a 10 minutes walk? I guess its a little more expensive than in Singapore.

We booked a cab to Habour Town Shopping Centre (Goldcoast) which costed about 52 AUD dollars. That’s really too expensive. I mean we could have taken a tram and then a bus to get there but we did the math for 5 persons to realise that it just costs about another 10 bucks to take the cab and reach in a shorter period of time. I still don’t know which is the right word in Aussie – cab or taxi?

Initially the plan was to go to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary but we saw the animals at Dreamworld already. So it doesn’t make any sense to waste money and time. We were also having a tour to paradise country farm and habour town shopping centre on Sunday. But i felt like 2 hours won’t be enough just in case Habour Town had mega sale.

I was right to come to a decision to go to Habour Town ourselves to check it out. To my shock, almost every single shop had some big sale. MEGA SALE. I mean 50% sale was crazy enough for me but also 70% sale was too much for to handle. We went there at 10AM (Opening time) and left at 530 (Closing time). WE WENT CRAZY.

I don’t even know where to start or begin with so i guess i should just share SOME crazy sale.

NIKE. Its a factory outlet so basically old stocks which are at a discounted/slashed price to sell them off. My mom and sis took a pair of shoes each and walked to the counter and the cashier told us they had a 40% off on all shoes! WHAT? INSANE. So my dad took me back in and literally spent 5 minutes convincing me to get one. I mean i would have gotten it myself if i didn’t spend 130 AUD on a freaking adidas shoe. When dad’s paying for you and choosing you a pair, how dare can i say NO. Haha.

KATE SPADE. Ok, even before going to Australia, i told myself that i am definitely getting a katespade cross body bag or a wallet if its a good price. I love their designs so much but spending that amount of money in singapore would make my parents disown me. Neither would i spend that much of money on branded goods. Kate Spade didn’t have the wallet that i wanted in that outlet. But they had really nice bags! I already bought 3 bags to even purchase one more from them. My mom told me to choose a watch and damn the watch she chose was really nice but i saw something else that took my attention away. It’s a love at first sight, i guess. Anyways, thanks mom for the advanced birthday gift!

VICTORIA SECRET. When we walked in, i was looking at one of the shelves for the wallets but nothing caught my eyes. My dad told us to choose perfumes since it was on sale. Suddenly my dad walks up to me and shows me a cute purse/crossbody and asked me if i liked it. I mean yes cause its so pretty and the colour was in PINK. But the price was too much for my dad to be spending on me. The sales assistant went like, “Hey most of our items are on sale. Selected styles are on 70% sale and that one is on sale as well.” OK DONE. I’m taking it.

VANS. Vans had such a huge sale. It was all mind-blowing deals. I’m not a fan of vans so i just sat back and helped to choose for my brother. He got like 3 pairs of VANS for 200++ AUD and i think its a really good deal.

I could go on and on about the sales over at Habour Town but i think that’s enough. We literally had so much that we used those trolleys that were meant for the supermarket (oops) to use them to transport all our shopping bags. Everyone was literally judging us when we reached our hotel.

Oh damn, i would definitely go back there to do some really good shopping. There were actually many outlets near my hotel and one outlet at Habour Town where every piece of clothing was going at 10 AUD bucks. The quality was way too good to be even comparing or deciding to buy or not. I would rather get all the clothing at Aussie than over at Bangkok, Thailand. #sorrynotsorry

This is Day 4 at GoldCoast. We had some yummy and not so yummy pizza for dinner.

Peace out


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