Oh it’s time to share two of the greatest and most definitely funnest activities we did at Goldcoast. We booked a cab to Marina Cove where we already pre-booked a time slot at Paradise Jet Boating. We were told to be there 30 mins earlier of the time slot we’ve booked. We booked at 10am but we didn’t know how far Marina Cove was, so we decided to leave at 9am but reached there in about 10 mins or so.

While waiting till its 10am for our turn to get on the jet boat, my dad was freaking out. Maybe he wouldn’t have freaked out much if my brother wasn’t teasing and lying to him about how scary it was.

I have to say that our jet boating experience was so fun! I like how Aussie people always go like “put on your seat belts” in a cab and even on rides that do not have a seatbelt. I guess if jet boating was even more faster than its usual fast speed i would have enjoyed it like crazy! But our driver was really good at doing stunts and telling us a lot of information. He took us around this private island that are actually holiday houses for the rich people. The houses are so huge and pretty. Almost every house had a yacht or jet ski (even both) outside their houses.

They actually do record the jet boating experience and take photos for you. When you return back to the place and return your lifejackets, they have already done the video and print out photos for you to choose if you want to purchase them. It’s a bit pricey but for the memory sake, we decided to purchase the photos.

After jet boating, we decided to head over to sea world for our parasailing but we were early by 2 or 3 hours. We decided to get lunch on before taking a cab to Sea World, so we walked out of marine cove about 5 mins and we saw McDonalds. I waited too long to eat McDonalds at Australia. My mom and dad thinks its just another “burger and fries” situation going on, but its McDonalds which means its gonna be nice. At least for fastfood lovers. McDonalds is also expensive, comparing to Singapore. Either way, they had really good fries and crazy good “flavoured” fries. My mom tried one of those and she really liked it.

Afterwards we headed to Sea World where the WaterSports Australia is located at. Parasailing was a frightening and exciting experience for me. When we got on the boat, the ‘parachute’ wasn’t flying in the air and kept dropping into the sea. The driver was really amazing and it kind of surprised me. I don’t know how he actually understand that but he kind of kept driving further and in all directions to make sure there is some wind. He just kept looking at the sky and “predicting” the wind. I don’t know. But pretty cool.

He would actually ask us if we wanted to touch down the water and fly up or just go up straight. When we reach up, it felt amazing. The wind blowing in my face, no sound except the waves crashing into the shore and the gloomy sky. Breath-taking view to be honest.

8 minutes of flying, was not enough for all these breath taking views.

The sea water literally leaves you with salt in your body. Disgusting and weird. We headed home afterwards and showered because the salt in all our bodies got us really uncomfortable.

For dinner, we head to the indian restaurant near our hotel where they sell really good indian food. We just kept ordering more and more only because the food is just too delicious.

A bottle of ice cold cider and i call it a day.


Peace out





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