Coming to this post made me realise one thing. This travel diary is coming to an end very soon. Maybe the next post would be the last one or the beginning of more adventures at Australia in the coming years.

I remember waking up to a Sunday morning of after rain. The driver that suppose to pick us up, was late and there was literally no sign of him. We tried to get in contact with the company but of no avail. The weather was teasing us so badly that a part of us felt like we should get back to our rooms and enjoy the weather. Our driver came after an hour of waiting.

The driver was entertaining but too much of talk. My siblings and I felt like he needs to keep his mouth shut at a certain point. I mean nice talk and kind of inspiring but too much of talk.

We reached the paradise country farm that actually included buffet lunch so they told us to place the order before lunch time.

I would say that there isn’t much of animals to look at. Sad. But I like how they kept the animal shows one after one. Just nice to finish one show and head to another.

Interesting but not so interesting.

Lets not talk about lunch. Skip. It’s awful.

It started raining and it’s about an hour or so till our driver picks us up. We decided to take pictures at a sheltered area and when the rain has stopped, we headed outdoors to take some pictures as well. My dad told us to walk to the pick up point quickly as he felt like it’s going to get heavier. Well nice prediction because he saved us from getting drenched.

Afterwards we headed to habour town shopping centre. Yes again. Last minute shoppings and what not. Good buys and we headed to the hotel. We rested a while at our rooms and decided to head to the beach before dinner.

It darkens quickly in Aussie as compared to Singapore. We were walking to the beach where I saw one guy really drunk by the way he walked. He suddenly pointed at me and went “you’re hot as fuck” LOL. Took me by surprise but I just ingnored because firstly he’s drunk and secondly i didn’t want it to bring attention to my dad. My mom and sis were like what did he say and turned back at him, there he was blewing a kiss to me. Drunk people. I don’t even know.

I have to bring to attention on what my mom said next.

“fuck? Don’t people know any other words beside fuck?”

LOL. Seriously mummy?

The beach always looked so violent to me. Like it had something against the shore. The big, huge waves forming in the middle of the sea.

Anytime of the day, the sea always looked angry.

Had a nice walk with my family for some time before heading to dinner.

This restaurant that was really near to our hotel looked so good and crowded every time. Finally we were here to eat. Food was delicious, waiter was really nice, service was amazing and I don’t know what else to say anymore.

My Favourite was the Australian Pizza, prawn and crab pasta, tiramisu and the gelato ice cream. Well actually everything is really nice so I can’t say what really was extremely delicious now.

It was the last night. Last night at Gold Coast. I had to get the donut and the milkshake before the trip comes to an end. We were so full but we had to eat and drink them one last time before we leave.

Last night. Last night at gold coast.


Peace out


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