Last post on Gold Coast. Last day at Australia.

The only thing i probably miss when i left the hotel room, is the view. The unreal view.

One thing that I miss about gold coast when i left to Brisbane airport, is the weather. It wasn’t cold, it wasn’t always raining, it wasn’t always sunny but it was perfect.

One thing i missed at Brisbane airport, is probably all the great adventures i had with my family.

When i landed in Singapore, i missed the food. Kinda. But not really.

It was great coming back to home. Rolling in our own beds to sleep is just another feeling.

Gold coast was just another amazing trip with my family. So much of memories, so much of unreal views, so much of love, and so much of countless stories.

Gold coast, you’re a beauty.

Gold coast, it might be an end but its just another beginning for more Aussie travels.


Peace out


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