It’s 1am in the morning and I’m typing this. Maybe it will end up in the drafts folder, again. 

Sometimes it angers me so much on why you do things for others who don’t appreciate it at all. Today, it angered me again. I told you straight up. You still took it so positively and didn’t agree with me. Once again and as always. 

One thing that you mentioned today have got me thinking so much at this hour. 

“Feed the dog if it’s hungry. But if it just leaves after eating, let it go. Don’t worry about it.” 

I’m glad i’m trying to learn so much from you and wanting to be like you. I’ve changed a lot and it’s thanks to you. 

I don’t say this always but I really love you daddy. You’re like the biggest inspiration in my life. (Insert 1 zillion hearts) 

I just want be to be your little tiny girl who sits on your lap when you’re watching the TV and over your shoulder when you’re taking me for walks. 

I may not sit like that now but I’m always sitting by your side. This always somehow amazes me. The fact that I’m 21, a grown adult but, who still is a kid before my parents eyes.

They say first love is innocent, pure, real and is full of love. My first love is a man and that man would always be you. 

I love you daddy. 


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