Sometimes it’s just so saddening to live in a world that is filled with so much of people who are toxic, inconsiderate, and disgusting. When I mention disgusting, it’s not about someone who pricks their nose. It’s about their values/actions that makes me feel so disgusted. 

Honestly, I have no idea why would anyone would ever look down on someone. I will never ever be able to comprehend this. Ever.

Why can’t you help to make the person a better person? The least, to appreciate them? To encourage, to motivate, to support, to care and to never ever give up on them. 

But this world, is all about being selfish, living with so much of high standard which just equals to filth.

Shame on you, for thinking about yourself, to give up on people who did the most for you, to look down on people who are not even equal to anything of the greatest value in this world. Peace out, x. 


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