It’s time to restart all over again. To find myself again.

The last few months was terrific. Definitely not in a good way but in a bad way. It was a tsunami that swept me off the shore and deep into the ocean. I wasn’t able to swim out.

Maybe I’m bad at this. Maybe I’m not. Doubting myself constantly while i tried to be confident about all this.

I didn’t know if i was overthinking or was i being anxious about everything. I didn’t know if this is right or if this is wrong. I didn’t know if this is what i deserve. I didn’t know if it was ok. I didn’t know if this is my fault.

Maybe people take my kindness for granted. Maybe people think that it is ok to be this way towards me. Maybe they think that I’m doing fine.

Struggling with everything right now that my chest and my heart is about to explode. Desperate moments are hitting me up. Bad times are actually good and bad. They tell you never to make the same mistakes though you know deep down that you didn’t made any mistakes. They tell you to pick yourself up and keep going.

All i wish right now is to see the light at the end of the tunnel; this darkness is scary and swallowing me up.


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